We have a digital infrastructure that meets the strictest economic and financial frameworks.
We meet the security requirements of all our stakeholders through armored storage on highly trusted cloud servers.
Data encryption
Your data is encrypted with a different level of lays, based on regulators frameworks
Access control
The control panel is restricted by the owner, he is the only one be able to control the access of your account.
Login with 2FA
In addition to a password, you can generate a token to add a step into your login security.
We have an internal control system that allows us to generate contingency and recovery protocols for the slightest unusual movement.
Good practices and processes
All platform updates are performed indirectly. In this way, our developers have no contact with the information.
Anonymous data
All information within our database are anonymous as a method of preventing worst-case scenarios.
Your safety is our main concern. ADDIKA's infrastructure has a high banking level of security.
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We use state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the secure management of your assets.